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After 36 years, Orbit is closing the business. We will process orders received by November 15.
Thank you to all of our customers from over the better part of lifetime.

Digitized Signature... because it's not always convenient to sign your name.
Save time by adding your signature to letters, faxes and other documents with your own digitized signature. Your digitized signature will be a TrueType font so you can use it like any other font. With a few keystrokes, you can add your signature to a letter, a hundred letters or a thousand or more letters. Same with faxes, purchase orders and other documents.

Why You Need A Digitized Signature From Orbit Enterprises
A personal signature commands respect in a way that unsigned documents cannot. Add your signature even when it's not possible or convenient for you to personally sign your name. Here are just a few examples of how personal digitized signatures have saved time and freed our customers up for more important work...

    "I don't have to drive back to the office after my last appointment to sign those two letters that have to go out today."

    "I'm making more prospecting calls with the time I save by letting my computer sign my name on sales letters."

    "Now, we can send every applicant a signed, personal letter from our Admissions Officer."

Everybody saves time by using a digitized signature:
Colleges: Add a signature to admission letters, alumni contacts, other mass mailings
Not-for-Profits: Personalize fund-raising letters and donor recognition
Sales: Save time preparing letters, promotions, and proposals
Professionals: Delegate client correspondence when you are away from the office
Governmental Offices: Improve public relations by personalizing communications
Judicial Agencies: Save time sending out bankruptcy notices
Political: Improve constituent support with personalized correspondence.
Software Developers: Add personal signatures to your applications for check signing, purchase orders, etc.
Orbit Enterprises is the leader in digitized signatures.
Orbit Enterprises has specialized in the creation of digitized signatures since 1987. We have the experience and expertise to deliver a high quality, affordable digitized signature you will be proud of. Because your signature will be a TrueType font, you can use it in virtually any computer program that uses TrueType fonts. This includes word-processing, spreadsheets, page layout, and other common office programs.

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